Enabling a safe, dignified, anonymity-based, (food) giving experience.

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How it works

It acts as a nourishing bridge between people who can provide food and/or ration to others who are in need. AnnData will match Donors and Recipients , based on the requirements and their proximity.


As a Donor you can help by donating food or ration; all with an easily downloaded app or from the Anndata website. The Donor can choose to give cooked food and/or ration on a specified day and time to a Recipient at a place convenient to both.


As a Recipient you can seek assistance for food & ration needs: all with an easily downloaded app or from the Anndata website, The app will then match the food/ration requirements to a Donor; enabling the Recipient to connect with the Donor and complete the transaction.

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Anndata’s goal is to ease the struggle of the Recipient seeking food/ ration to sustain as a result of the economic crisis, job loss etc. The Anndata service and it’s Person to Person feature will make food and ration more accessible. We will not be able to do this without the help and dedication of each one of you. Together we can be part of a solution and make someone's life less stressful.
'One Meal at a time.'
Jai Hind.